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¿ Cómo te disculpas... ?



  • ¿ Dar disculpas ?

    Respuestas en inglés

    Informante: Sra. Martha Barboza
    Ocupación: Estudiante de Relaciones Públicas en Universidad Latina
    Diplomacia - Embajada de Estados Unidos en Costa Rica
    Nacionalidad: estadounidense.

    1- I'm sorry, I lost control. I was in such a bad mood but you were not responsible.

    2- I didn't mean to offend you or hurt your feelings. It wasn't my intention. I didn't mean for you to take what I said that way.

    3- Oh, my God ! I can't believe I stained your dress, how clumsy of me. Let me help you please. May with some soda water.

    4- I cannot believe this happened, don't worry, I'm insured. You're not hurt are you ? Let's sit down and wait for the police to come and fill out the report and I'll explain that it was my fault. I'm sorry.

    5- (Buddy) When you lent me your car today I had a small accident in it, but don't worry. It's already in the shop and I'm going to pay for it, I promise. Please, let's not ruin our friendship over this.

    6- I would leave whitout saying anything then send her flowers with a great " hallmark" card pleading for forgiveness.

    7- Oh, excuse me, how clumsy of me. Are you alright ?

    8- I'm sorry, did I hurt you ?

    9- When I told I wou'd go with you, I had never planned on all of these things happening ( with a big hug, I wold plead for forgiveness).

    10- I can't believe I ripped it, I will get it fixed or I'll try to replace it. I'm so sorry, please accept my apology.

    11- I didn't know you didn't like coconut, next time I'll ask first.

    12- Excuse me for my tardiness, I was caught in a horrible trafic jam, please continue.

    13- I didn't mean to offend you, it wasn't my intention, please accept my apologies.

    14- I didn't think you would take it to neart. Sorry, next time I will know better.

    15- Oh my God, how clumsy of me. Let me help you pick this mess up. I'lljust go into the kitchen and get a rag.

    16- Are you alright ? I didn't mean to hit you. Please let me help you some how.

    17- Oh, my god. I didn't turn around, I assumed yur hand was out of the way, how can I make this up to you ?

    18- I'm sorry, I didn't know you had lost her, my deepest sympathies whit you lost ( hand on shoulder).

    19- What can I get for you, are you O.K. Shall we rush you to a clinic or somewhere.

    20- Do you have any club soda ? Let's put some on quickly. I'm sorry !

    21- Oh, I'm sorry, but I'm sure this must happen often.

    22- I'm sorry but I'm ordering you a copy.

    23- I don't know what to say or how to make it up to you, but I hope you can forgive me.

    24- Please don't hate me. It was an accident.

    25- Mom, what can I say, we all make mistakes sometimes.

    26- In the grief I forgot some detais, I'm sorry.

    27- I would go out to a nursery and buy lots of rose bushes to replace the broken ones and make everything pretty again.

    28- I would go over to my neighbor's knock on their window-door- apologize and offer to replace it.

    29- I would make apologies for bringing a snob with me to their reunion and send flowers the next day.

    30- I would invite the vegetarian to a vegetable feast after the party. Do you have any club soda ? Let's put some on quickly. I'm sorry...

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